Mr. Apathetic (mrjoshua) wrote in theothernwn,
Mr. Apathetic

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Hay I am a new member and have a dedicated server for nwn I was wondering what game ppl would like to have run??? Right now I'm running nordock because I had never played it and still havnt played it much.

I am also looking for ppl to play games with I only have 2 friend that has there own cd key so I don't get a whole lot of multiplayer action in if any one would like to join scheduled times let me know or if you know a good place to find player that would be welcome also.
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Well, as you can see, this community was something that never really got off the ground. I still play myself, but I really never had time to do the development I wanted. Still, if you come with something good, I'll be more than happy to play.